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Villa Cristina


Forte dei Marmi

Located in the vibrant heart of Forte dei Marmi, this exclusive luxury villa, designed by the renowned architect Tiziano Lera, is a masterpiece of elegance and comfort in classic Forte Marmino style. Built by our world-class construction company, the property stands out for its refinement, superior quality and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Every detail of the villa reflects the mastery of Tiziano Lera, harmoniously combining the elegance of classic design with the most modern comforts. The interiors, characterized by bright environments and precious materials, create an atmosphere of luxury and well-being. The residence boasts spacious bedrooms, refined bathrooms and elegant common areas, offering an unparalleled living experience.

One of the distinctive elements of the villa is the unique swimming pool, attached to the structure, which offers a fascinating view from the tavern, allowing you to observe people swimming while enjoying convivial moments on the lower floor. This detail creates a magical atmosphere and offers a truly unique living experience.

Immersed in a lush and meticulously maintained garden, the villa offers outdoor spaces ideal for relaxation and entertainment, with the integrated swimming pool representing an oasis of coolness and fun under the Tuscan sky. The strategic position in Forte dei Marmi allows you to be a stone's throw from golden beaches, exclusive restaurants and luxury boutiques, representing an exclusive retreat in the heart of this renowned Tuscan resort.

Despite the inspiration from the classic style, the villa does not give up the most advanced technological and eco-friendly solutions, ensuring comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly habitability. This splendid property is the realization of the dream of living in an unparalleled home in Forte dei Marmi.

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