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Restaurant in Marina di Massa



Located in the vibrant city of Massa and a short distance from the tranquil waters of the sea, this restaurant, completed in 2017, is the result of an ambitious project that managed to combine modern aesthetics, functionality and environmental sustainability. With a large surface area spread over two floors, the restaurant offers large and versatile spaces, ideal for a unique culinary experience.

The materials used for construction have been carefully selected for durability and style, including stainless steel, tempered glass, certified wood and natural stone. Attention to detail is evident in every corner, from the choice of lighting, designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, to the advanced ventilation and air conditioning system, designed to ensure maximum comfort in all seasons.

The kitchen, the beating heart of the restaurant, is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and complies with all health regulations in force. Complete accessibility to customers with reduced mobility is guaranteed by the presence of ramps and equipped toilets.

One of the distinctive features of this building is its commitment to environmental sustainability. Optimized thermal insulation, rainwater collection systems and the use of renewable energy are just some of the solutions adopted to reduce the restaurant's ecological footprint.

Outside, the livable space is embellished with native plants and an external lighting system. The large windows, in addition to offering unparalleled views of the sea, help to create a bright and open environment, which invites conviviality and relaxation.

In terms of safety, the building complies with all current regulations, equipped with fire prevention systems, well-signposted emergency exits and a video surveillance system.

In conclusion, the restaurant in Massa represents an excellent example of modern and innovative construction, where design, energy efficiency and comfort coexist in perfect harmony. Our construction company is proud to have contributed to realizing a project of this caliber and we are certain that it will continue to be a point of reference in the local gastronomic scene.

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